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How do you cave dive?

No, you can’t learn to cave dive simply by reading what you find on the Internet. Even if this website contained all of the academic information presented in a complete Cave Diver course, it would still be no substitute for the guidance and experience provided by a skilled cave diving educator. Nevertheless, you can begin to get a feel for the kind of information covered during Cave Diver training by reading the following articles.

Equipment Comparison

The thing that immediately distinguishes recreational divers from cave divers is their equipment. Bear in mind, it takes a lot more than just highly specialized equipment to be a cave diver. Nevertheless, equipment is a significant part of what we do. Learn more…

Diver Comparison

Cave Diving’s Most
Important Safety Rules

When divers use common sense and follow important safety rules, diving in overhead environments can be nearly as safe as diving in open water. However, when divers fail to follow these rules, the results are often tragic. Find out why…

Five Rules

Manifold Operation

Manifolds are among the most important pieces of cave diving equipment — yet exactly how they work can be confusing. This page makes everything clear.


Gas Matching Made Simple*

(*Or at least as simple as possible.) A crash course in one of cave diving’s most important skills.

Gas Matching




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