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Not every diver has what it takes to earn the coveted rating of Cave Diver. If you are among the few who do, an absolutely incredible world awaits you. First, however, you are going to have to get the right training. That’s what North Florida Cave and Technical Divers is here to help you do. This website is designed to answer important questions about cave and technical diver training. And, if you have additional questions, you can always feel free to e-mail us. — Johnny Richards

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Nitrox Tank

North Florida Cave and Technical Divers is also your source for training in:

These skills are an important part of not only cave diving, but all forms of recreational and technical diving as well. Find out more.

Get the Right Stuff

The Wrong Stuff

Cave and technical diving are equipment-intensive activities. And it’s not just enough to have the equipment; it has to be the right equipment. Knowing what the right equipment is and where to find it can be challenging — especially if you do not live here in cave diving country. Where do you go for advice? Here is the answer.

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The Grate

Historic High Springs Florida is a wonderful place to visit — even if you aren’t taking part in a cave or technical diver course. It’s easy to get to; there are a variety of motels and restaurants to choose from; and, it’s home to great spring diving and other water-oriented activities. Find out more.






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