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Here is what North Florida Cave and Technical Divers instructor Johnny Richards has to say about himself.

“Since my original certification in 1970, I have been fascinated by the underwater world. I have had the privilege of diving many different environments from Texas lakes to the Andrea Doria, and a variety of locations around the world.

“From the time of my first introduction to the world of underwater caves in 1987, I was captivated by the beauty and challenge of diving this environment. As I began to pursue scuba instruction in 1986, I realized the satisfaction of passing along my interest to others. This interest remains very much alive today and is a primary reason for my decision to make scuba instruction a full-time career.”

Johnny’s Resume


  • Bachelor of Arts with High Honors in Political Science
    University of Texas at Austin
    May, 1977
  • Juris Doctor
    Saint Mary's Law School
    San Antonio, Texas
    December, 1979


Career History

  • President of a private practice professional corporation law firm
    June, 1980- February, 2000
  • Scuba Divemaster and Instructor (Open Water to Assistant Instructor and Nitrox)
    Scuba Sphere, Fort Worth, Texas
    June, 1986- May, 1997
  • Independent Scuba Instructor (Open Water to Assistant Instructor and Nitrox)
    Fort Worth, Texas
    May, 1997- February, 2000
  • Independent Instructor (Open Water to Intro to Cave and Technical)
    High Springs, Florida
    August, 2001 to October, 2001
  • Staff Instructor, Ginnie Springs Outdoors
    High Springs, Florida
    October, 2001 to present
  • Independent Instructor (Apprentice Cave Dive, Full Cave Diver, Stage and DPV Specialties and Nitrox through Extended Range)
    High Springs, Florida
    November, 2002 to present


Dive Qualifications

  • June 25, 1970- Open Water certified through PADI, SCIP and NASDS.
  • Numerous Open water specialty courses and dives from time of certification until I began to pursue Divemaster training through Scuba Sphere, NE in June, 1986.
  • PADI Open Water Instructor, IDC Staff Instructor and Master Instructor (M25965)
    June, 1988- June, 1990.
  • Cavern, Basic Cave and Full Cave Diver through NSS-CDS, NACD (#1172) and CMAS
    September, 1987- July, 1991
  • NAUI Cave Diver
    September, 1987
  • PADI Cavern Instructor
    September, 1988
  • Basic Cave Surveyor Specialty
    December, 1991
  • (Cave) Recovery Specialty
    December, 1991
  • IANTD Nitrox, Technical Nitrox and Trimix Diver
    May, 1992- September, 1993
  • TDI/IANTD Nitrox and Advanced Nitrox Instructor
    September, 1995- April, 1996
  • NSS-CDS Cavern/Intro Instructor
    August, 2001
  • NSS-CDS Full Cave Instructor
    November, 2002
  • NACD Cavern through Full Cave Instructor
    December, 2002
  • TDI Decompression Procedures through Advanced Trimix Instructor
    April, 2003- December, 2003
  • IANTD Technical Diver and Normoxic Trimix Instructor
    April, 2003- January, 2004
  • Abe Davis and Wakulla Gold Awards
  • Henry Nicholson Cave Diving Award
  • International Safety Award
  • Co-Author, NACD Cavern/Cave Student Workbook
  • Author, NACD Double Tank Intro course, NACD Apprentice Cave Diver course and NACD Sustaining Contributor Program
  • Author, NSS-CDS Deep Cave Diver course
  • David Desautels Conservation Award
  • NACD Exemplary Service Award
  • NACD Instructor of the Year- 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • TDI Outstanding Instructor Award- 2013 and 2014


Past Positions

  • Member, Emerald Sink Advisory Panel
  • Member, Hart Springs Advisory Committee
  • NSS-CDS Training Chairman
  • NSS-CDS Board of Directors
  • Member, NACD Training Committee
  • Member, NACD Board of Directors
  • NACD Vice President
  • NACD Treasurer
  • Chairman, NACD Conservation Committee
  • Diepolder II and III Guide




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