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Accident Analysis clearly indicates the leading cause of diver death in the cave environment to be lack of training — either those with no training at all or those with overhead training diving beyond their current level. While overhead and technical training is — and should be — both rigorous and demanding, I do my best to make your course a relaxed and enjoyable experience. It is my goal to provide each student with prompt, courteous and thorough instruction.

Both my location in High Springs and the fact that I am a full-time instructor with no other business obligations, make access to cave sites and class scheduling convenient for you. My affiliation with Ginnie Springs as a staff instructor at the Cavern and Basic/Intro to Cave levels helps in reducing your costs since site admission fees, air fills and NACD certification fees are included in the cost of the course at those levels.

It seems today that preoccupation with the "right" gear configuration has taken priority to the enjoyment of cave diving. I do not subscribe to the belief that "one size fits all" — just as my size 9 shoe won't fit many of you, "my" gear configuration may not be the best for every student I train. As long as the configuration you choose — with my assistance — meets the general standards of the dive training you seek and is safe and comfortable for you, I am satisfied. Your gear configuration should constantly evolve to something better and more efficient- you must understand the why of each of your gear decisions.

While there are agency requirements for each level of training, I do not require the purchase of specifics brands of equipment or equipment required for higher levels of training. Those are issues of personal choice best left to you.

Cave diving — and the technical diving that goes along with it — is my passion in life. It is a bonus to me that my office is the classroom of a dive shop or the basin of a cave system. It is my hope that I am able to give that feeling of excitement and sense of wonderment I feel toward this unique environment to each student I am privileged to train. — Johnny Richards

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