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Looking at the map, you'd assume a town such as Branford is more centrally located to the various dive sites we use. Technically speaking, it is; however, staying there leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere, with limited choices when it comes to dining and access to other resources.

Most students prefer to stay in High Springs, which is only ten minutes from Ginnie Springs (where we make roughly half our training dives), and no more than 45 minutes from far-flung sites such as Peacock or Manatee. There are two excellent restaurants in High Springs, plus you are less than a half hour from even more restaurants in Alachua and Gainesville. Motel rooms in High Springs are noticeably less than they are in Alachua and Gainesville.

High Springs Country Inn  A favorite among visiting divers, the Country Inn offers amenities such as hooks for hanging up your wet or dry suit, right outside your door. For reservations, call (386) 454-1565. Reserve early; the Country Inn is always booked well in advance. High Springs Country Inn
Cadillac Motel   Cadillac Model  When the Country Inn is full, divers generally migrate here (it is just across the street). For reservations, call (386) 454-1701.

Other places to stay:


Comfort Inn

High Springs

The Rustic Inn
Bed and Breakfast
3105 South Main Street
High Springs, FL 32643-3802

Chateau H2O (website link)
(4.5 miles from Ginnie Springs)
Michael Angelo Gagliardi (e-mail link)
Kim Hill, Property Manager

High Springs Diver's Den
(2.5 miles from Ginnie Springs)
7239 NE CR 340
High Springs, FL 32643

Fort White

Fort White Dive Cabin


Steamboat Dive Inn

O’Brien (Near Little River)

Red Rock Ranch

Live Oak

Cottage (David Penney)




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A detailed map showing the location and phone numbers of popular motels and restaurants in the High Springs and Alachua areas is available for download in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). 1 pages; 52k

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