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Most cave divers agree that the reasons they enjoy exploring natural overhead environments are difficult to verbalize. These reasons do, however, include:

  • Underwater caves are extremely beautiful. They offer clear water and unique geological formations that divers cannot see or enjoy elsewhere.
  • Caves offer diving that is free from wind, waves and surge. Seasickness is never a consideration when diving inland caverns and caves. Additionally, visibility in many freshwater caves measures hundreds of feet — clearer than any ocean water you are likely to find at even the best dive resorts.
  • Cave diving are among the most exciting of all diving activities. There are no dull cave dives.
  • Cave diving provide a unique insight on how the earth formed and on how life on earth evolved.
  • Cave divers seem to share both a powerful curiosity and an appreciation of the technical aspects of overhead-environment diving.

Among the most satisfying aspects cave diving is the understanding that this is not a suitable activity for the average diver. In fact, some estimate that less than one percent of the general diving population possess the knowledge, skills, experience, attitude and judgement necessary to learn to cave dive as safely as possible. Thus, the ability to meet the high standards required for Cave Diver certification is something of which any person can be justifiably proud.

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