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Peacock/Orange Grove Cave System


The Peacock Springs State Park is the only Florida park dedicated almost exclusively to cave diving. The cave diving community has responded by providing money, time and effort to the continued improvement of park facilities. The park entrance is located two and a half miles east of the State Route 51 flashing light at Luraville on 180th Street (Peacock Springs Road).

The Peacock/Orange Grove cave system is a series of honeycombed passageways totalling several thousand feet. The property also is home to the Peacock III and Bonnet cave systems.

Orange Gove Profile

The most upstream point of the main cave system is Orange Grove Sink, located near the park entrance. Orange Grove is actually an offset sinkhole, whose passageway has minimal flow until it intersects with the Distance Tunnel, over 800 feet downstream.

Depending on water levels and other conditions, water will actually flow out of Orange Grove, pass over a short land bridge, then re-enter the ground at Cisteen Sink. This generally takes place only during flood conditions, when the system is undiveable.

The Orange Grove basin is generally very clear in wintertime (except for when it floods); however, during warmer months, there can be an algae bloom down to 70 feet. Below the cave system entrance is a large cavern, with depths to 100 feet. From here, another passage leads downward to “Lower Orange Grove,” a very advanced cave with lots of silt and depths to 180 feet.


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