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Cenote Mayan Blue

You could spend an entire week in Mexico just diving Mayan Blue. There are so many tunnels, and so many places to go, you could make over a dozen different dives there and see something new on every one.

Mayan Blue is part of Sistema Naranjal and, by the time you read this, a connection may have been made between it and Sistema Ox Bel Ha, the world’s largest underwater cave. Mayan Blue is located directly across Highway 307 from Cenote Naharon. The parking area is approximately one kilometer back in the jungle.


Cenote Mayan Blue is actually an L-shaped lagoon. The A tunnel entrance is closest to the parking area; the B tunnel entrance is mid-way down on the left; and, the Dead Zone entrance is at the far end. Every entrance connects with the others in some manner.


The A and B tunnels go upstream and connect at several points. The A tunnel will take you to the Battleship Room and to the connection point to Naharon (the Naharon to Mayan Blue traverse is a popular guided dive). The B tunnel line connects not only to the A tunnel, but also to the E and F tunnels, plus many other jumps. Numerous circuits are possible.


The Dead Zone goes downstream, in the direction of Ox Bel Ha. The line goes to the Cenote of the Sun; however, among the many possible jumps is one that will take you back around to the A tunnel.

Depths vary widely throughout the system and can approach 80 feet in the saltwater zone. Like Naharon, the freshwater layer will tend to be dark — especially as you get further upstream. The saltwater layer, in contrast, will tend to be very white. Dives in the saltwater zone will likely result in deco.




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