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Sistema Minotauro

This is a great dive for a small group of from two to three divers. Most of the passageways are low and wide, with soft, crumbly limestone and delicate formations. You will pass in and out of the halocline repeatedly.

Tight Squeeze

The entrance to Minotauro (the Minotaur, from Greek mythology) is directly across from Club Robinson Tulum, and immediately to the right of the new Pemex station. Be forewarned: The road back is rugged and there is not a lot of parking space at its end.

Minotauro is an excellent example of why it is a good idea to employ a professional guide — at least until you gain a much greater familiarity with area dive sites. Without a guide, you could waste an entire dive simply trying to find the right cave entrance (it is nowhere near as obvious as it may seem).

Close Up

A good first dive is simply to take the main upstream line all the way to its end (it loops back on itself, forming an enjoyable circuit dive). If your gas consumption is good, you may even be able to take an offshoot tunnel to another cenote, such as Cenote Escalera or Cenote Estrella.

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