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Cenote Naharon


Naharon is known as “the dark cave.” Unlike other caves in the area, most of its walls and formations are stained a deep black. Naharon is part of Sistema Naranjal, which includes Cenote Mayan Blue. Recently, explorers discovered that Sistema Naranjal is most likely part of the much larger Sistema Ox Bel Ha, the world’s largest underwater cave.

Naharon is located three kilometers south of Tulum on Highway 307. The entrance is one the right-hand side of the road. The sign says Cenote Cristal. (Wait — isn’t that what the sign at Car Wash says?) Just as every tropical dive destination seems to have a “Paradise Reef,” the local Mayans like to call many of their cenotes “Cristal” to advertise the clarity of the water.

The main line at Naharon is a considerable distance from the entrance. It will take you to Choc’s Room and beyond. The first jump to the left takes you to Desconocido Doom, the Double Dooms and beyond. There are numerous jumps off both lines.


A particularly interesting dive is the Southwestern Sacbe. This jump off the Desconocido Dome line will take you down into the saltwater layer, where the walls again turn white, and you will find a number of formations. There is also a point at which you could once see the remains of an ancient Mayan who died some 1,200 feet from the entrance. (These remains have since been removed by archeologists.)

A professional guide will help make finding these sites easy. He or she can also help you set up a traverse to Mayan Blue. Depths in the saltwater zone can approach 80 feet. If you go there, expect deco at the end of the dive.

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