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Sistema Sac Aktun

The majority of pictures you see throughout this website were shot at one location: Sistema Sac Aktun. There is a reason for this. Most cave divers consider Sac Aktun to be among the world’s most decorated and beautiful caves, second only to Nohoch Nah Chich. At the time these photos were shot, the difference between the two was that, while it was difficult to get to Nohoch, it was is absurdly easy to get dive gear and all the camera equipment you want into Sac Aktun.


Sac Aktun is located four kilometers west of Tulum on the Coba Road. There is an attended parking area right at the road’s edge, and a large sign that says Gran Cenote (the main entrance to the system).

After paying your entrance fee, you can suit up using convenient tables located right at the edge of the parking lot. You then walk a short distance to the edge of the cenote and descend a set of stairs. From here you walk to a large dock at the edge of the water, then jump in. That’s all there is to it.


The main cavern at Gran Cenote is a popular cavern tour site. A gold line runs around the perimeter of the main cavern. To get to the upstream side of the cave, swim in along the right-hand side of the cavern and, when you get to the point where the line makes a sharp left, tie off and continue onward. A short distance ahead you will see the start of the permanent cave line.


Starting at the main line, there are a number of directions you can go. The line itself connects to and ends at Cenote Ho-Tul. By running a reel roughly 120 feet across the Cenote Ho-Tul cavern, you can connect to the Cuzan Nah loop line — a circuit through one of the prettiest parts of the cave.

Jumping off the main line when it makes a sharp left to Cenote Ho-Tul will take you to the Paso Lagarto line. This leads to numerous offshoots and the most extensive upstream portion of the cave. A professional guide can even set up a dive for you where you enter the water at Cenote Calimba and swim a lengthy traverse to Gran Cenote.

Depths in Sac Aktun seldom exceed 40 feet, and depths are fairly constant. There is no halocline anywhere in the cave.

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